Best Moments

Best Moments Part 1

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Lohanny Brandão

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Best Moments Part 1

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I think this was the first compilation of Best Moments of Lohanny Brandão done.

So many sexy and memorable moments !!

The famous white overall that so many fans ask her to wear… Her body is perfect and it gets even more perfect and atractive when she wears this specisl clothe.

The moments here are breathless. Beautiful close-ups of her body, specially of her so rounded and perfect ass;

Her “toy”, always hard and ready, You will see him jumping and pulsating !!

Moments where she uses it, where she forces her toy inside the mouths of her nasty slaves, dominating them completely.

Lost of sensuality, nude scenes and a very sensual soundtrack, full of rhythm and a more Soul groove/mood, everything very well chosen and selected.

And all scenes featured on this compilation… you will find them in their entire versions here on her website !!

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