Strawberry Kisses 3

Strawberry kisses 1
Golden Nectar 2

Strawberry Kisses 3

With: Veronica Liz and Sub Zero

Category :  golden shower /hard pissing /  fetish, domination / pussy smelling

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Strawberry Kisses 3

Two girls kissing

Demi Devassa  &  Jennifer Avila

Categories : girl kisses girl / kissing / fetish / tongue sucking / Fetish / Fruits and candies

English subtitles : NO

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These 2 hot and beautiful brazilian girls, nasty, experienced and hot are kissing each other in a very provocative way, sometimes using strawberries to kiss with the fruit and some syrup to add a sweet flavour to the kisses.

Wet and tight kisses and the Lony Fetiches style

Demi and Jennifer kissed here mixing that kind of hard and fetish thing with a lighter and more passionate feeling but never forgetting who they are and how they always have kissed on scenes !

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