Golden Shower Videos

Golden Nectar 9
Piss and feet from 2 tattooed `` Suicide girls `` to Sub
Tamires Rosa, Antonela Red, Sub Zero and Sub Lony

Dream with my golden shower
Girl in a Golden Shower Solo
Aliça Roche ( aka Ellen Duarte )

Dream with my golden shower
Girl in a Golden Shower Solo
Polly Petrova

Dream with my golden shower
Girl in a Golden Shower Solo
Manuela Albertini

Dream with my golden shower
Girl in a Golden Shower Solo
Jennifer Avila

Dream with our golden shower
3 brazilian girls pissing on you and for you
Debora Blu, Sabryna Foster and Stefany Loren

Double Golden shower
Two tgirls pissing and teasing
Lohanny Brandão and Laura Araujo

Golden nectar 2
Girl pisses on a submissive guy
Demi Devassa and Sub 3

Golden nectar 3
Girl pisses on a Sub guy
Tamires Rosa and Sub 3

Golden Nectar 5 - Five Golden Showers - Sub Lony & Five Brazilian Girls
5 girls in 5 hard golden showers
Adila Venus, Manuela Albertini, Mila Nadi, Tamires Rosa, Yasmin Briza

Golden nectar 6
Girl pisses on submissive guy
Veronica Liz and Sub Zero

Golden nectar 7
Tgirl pisses on submissive guy
Rebeka Marques & Sub Zero

Golden Nectar 8 - My Tequila-based Treatment
Tgirl and sub in 7 hard golden showers
Lohanny Brandão & Sub Lony

Foot Fetish Videos

I watch tv ... while you suck my feet
Tgirl teases guy with her girly feet
Lohanny Brandão and Sub Lony


Addicted to feet - Frutish 5
Gorgeous brazilian brunette girl dominating a sub with feet and fruits
Demi Devassa & Sub Lony

Addicted to feet - How much will you pay to deserve my feet ?
Girl dominating with feet
Eva Lee & Sub Lony

Addicted to feet - Manuela’s bitch
Girl dominating with feet
Manuela Albertini and Sub Lony

Addicted to feet
Girl dominating and teasing with feet
Mila Nadi e Sub Lony

Addicted to feet – Smoke on my feet
Girl dominating with feet
Morena Rosa & Sub Lony

Addicted to feet - Kiss my feet and we’ll see if you deserve my kisses
Girl dominating and teasing with feet
Veronica Liz and Sub Lony

Addicted to feet – Yasmin prepared a surprise
Girl teasing with her feet and sucking Sub’s feet
Yasmin Briza and Sub Lony

Beer given by 6 feet
2 girl and one tgirl dominate submissive guy with feet
Lohanny Brandão, Manuela Albertini, Sabryna Foster e Sub Lony

Kissing Videos

Jennifer Avila tests and kisses the new girl Nikki Axl
Dominant woman kisses young masked girl
Jennifer Avila and Nikki Axl

Kiwi Kisses 3
Two girls kissing
Debora Blu and Polly Petrova

Kiwi Kisses 1
Tgirl and girl kissing
Lohanny Brandao and Jennifer Avila

Jennifer Avila and Samantha Schimdt kissing
Gorgeous blonde BBW and girl kissing
Jennifer Avila  and  Samantha Schimdt

Makeup to kiss
Two hot brazilian girls kissing
Debora Blu and Jennifer Avila

Does he deserve my kisses ?
Girl and one guy kissing
Morena Rosa and Sub Lony

Foursome kisses 1
4 girls kissing + 1 Cuckold Sub watching
Karina Cruel, Demi Devassa, Jennifer Avila, Nikki Axl e Axl Nikki

How Demi kisses Director Sub Lony
Girl and guy kissing
Demi Devassa and Sub Lony

Raspberry kisses 2
Girl and tgirl kissing
Demi Devassa and Lohanny Brandao

Strawberry kisses 1
Two girls kissing
Karina Cruel and Nikki Axl

Strawberry Kisses 3
Two girls kissing
Demi Devassa & Jennifer Avila

Raspberry kisses 1
2 ebony brazilian girls kissing
Debora Blu and Debora Nunes

Varied Videos

Ponygirls as a gift to Yara, the birthday girl
Ponyplay with girls : 2 Mistresses & 2 Slaves
Victoria Dias, Yara Gomez, Alessia Lelis & Sabryna Foster

This mouth belongs to me 8
Brazilian tgirl dominates Sub’s mouth
Lohanny Brandao and Sub Lony

Jennifer Avila pegs Sabryna Mel while the couple watches
Dominant woman pegs a tgirl & a couple watches
Jennifer Avila, Sabryna Mel, Polly Petrova & Sub Lony

This mouth belongs to me 7
Brazilian tgirl dominates Sub’s mouth with her toy
Lohanny Brandao and Sub 5

This mouth belongs to me 6
Ebony tgirl dominates Sub’s mouth with her toy
Rayka Fernandes and Sub 5

Lucky bitch 4 : dominated by 2 Tgirls
Feet and golden shower
Lohanny Brandao, Laura Araujo and Sub Gringo

Sub test 4
Tgirl in a hard domination of a guy’s mouth
Bia Bastos and Sub 4

Lucky Bitch 1 - 5 Gorgeous Tgirls + 5 Gorgeous Girls !
Gangbang mixing girls and tgirls with golden shower, foot fetish, facesitting, cum shots
Girls : Adila Venus, Jennifer Avila, Manuela Albertini, Morena Rosa, Sabryna Foster
Tgirls : Adriana Rodrigues, Alessandra Leite, Milenna D'Morney, Nicole Sanche, Sabrina Prezotte

Lucky bitch 2 : dominated by 7 Top Goddesses Girls
Seven gorgeous brazilian girls doing some trampling, facesitting, foot domination and pissing in a submissive guy
Debora Blu, Jennifer Avila, Manuela Albertini, Mila Nadi, Morena Rosa, Victoria Dias, Yasmin Briza

Cuckold’s lesson
Shemale dominates a cuckold’s wife
Adriana Rodrigues and Victoria Dias

How Rayka and Tamires dominate a cuckold’s bitch
Strong woman + tgirl dominate the girlfriend of a cuckold and he watches
Tamires Rosa, Polly Petrova, Rayka Fernandes & Sub Lony

Hunter’s test
Tgirl Adriana Rodrigues fucks hard the mouth of a cuckold’s girlfriend and he watches
Adriana Rodrigues, Sub Lony and his nasty bitch girlfriend

Nasty breakfast 3 Lohanny Brandao dominates the nasty couple
Tgirl dominates couple using fruits & chantilly and their mouths
Lohanny Brandao, Sub Zero & his Bitch Girlfriend

Nasty breakfast 4
Two tgirls, one submissive girl and a submissive guy
Lohanny Brandao, Laura Araujo, Sub Zero and his bitch girlfriend

How we catch our little bitch 6 = Hommage to Karina Cruel
2 girls and one tgirl dominate a submissive guy
Karina Cruel, Lohanny Brandao, Jennifer Avila and Sub Zero

Oral lesson 4 – Double Oral Lesson
2 brazilian shemales dominate a submissive guy’s mouth
Adriana Rodrigues, Sabrina Prezotte and Sub Zero

This mouth belongs to me 5
Tgirl in a hard oral domination
Lohanny Brandao, Sub Lony and Penelope Cuervo

Facesitting Videos

2 Lucky bitches with 2 Facesitters
Girl and tgirl facesitting and teasing
Victoria Dias, Adriana Rodrigues, Sub Zero, Sub Lony

Pay for my facessitting
Mysterious gorgeous masked girl facesits a Sub
Penelope Cuervo and Sub Zero

Lucky Bitch 6 - Hunter’s Test
Strong girl Saori Kido brings 2 facesitting girls to be tested
Tgirl Lohanny Brandao and girls Saori Kido, Sabryna Foster ( aka Sabrina Green ), Nicole Campbell and Sub

Sub test  Jennifer Avila and Sub 5
Facesitting and teasing by girl in a guy
Jennifer Avila and Sub 5 

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