Nasty Breakfast I

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Lohanny, what´s this ? ???
fruit fetish
Nasty Breakfast II

shemale fruit fetish
Nasty Breakfast I

With: Lohanny Brandão And her Slave 

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Category: Fetish/Oral domination/Oral femdom/ Fruits

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Nasty Breakfast 1

With Lohanny Brandão and her Slave 

Category:Fetish/ Oral domination / Oral femdom/Fruits


 shemale fruit fetish


 Lohanny and her Shaggy Boy slept in a Hotel.

Early in the mornig, they went to the restaurant to have a breakfast. But she didn´t allow him to eat. She allowed him only too stay there, sit, quiet and worshipping her. Of course that she had her breakfast. It was a test.

A test where she would check if he would deserve what he would receive after her breakfast. She observed him to see if he would behave well, as a good and obedient boy.

His present would be delivered later, in her room… He, as a nice slave, would have the best breakfast of his entire life !!

A different, nasty, tasty, sexy breakfast….with lots of fruits, honey, chantilly, Lohanny’s tasty “fruit” with her unique way to dominate and seduce.

This scene is a perfect mixture of seduction and domination, where the art of knowing how to talk and to conduct a man is not something that any comon Tgirl knows…

A beautiful, feminine, smelly, sensual and so hot shemale as her is, with a so perfect and unique body and an always ready, thick and hard she-cock… A very sexy voice, using the right words with mastery.

By doing that, she makes any slave like him obey anything that she wants. And she made it ! She made him eat all fruits that she wanted, the way she wanted.

shemale fruit fetish
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