Present inside the bowl

Present inside the bowl

Lohanny Brandão

Category: Domination / Exhibition / Voyeurism / Golden Rain / Pissing

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Whole scene  3 mins   Price US$ 15,99       Size : 100 MB     Format : MP4        Resolution : 1920 X 1080

Present inside the bowl

With Lohanny Brandão

Category : Golden shower / Exhibition / Fetish / Voyeurism / Pissing

Full  3 mins   Price  US$   15,99       Size : 100 MB     Format : MP4        Resolution : 1920 X 1080



This is part of a series of short vídeos where Lohanny practices some fetishes alone, but always speaking to you. Your imagination will go so deep that you will swear that you´re there inside with her.

Wearing a provocative small t-shirt, a feminine combat boot and a camouflage skirt, she gives a nice present to you, inside a glass bowl.

What a provocative Trans she is ! ! What a nasty and experienced t-girl !

She knows exactly what to say and how to say . She is always feeling horny !

Fetishists will feel the desire to jump into the screen.

To drink the sweet nectar of this so hot Tgirl !

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