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Addicted to feet – Frutish 5 – Part 1 – 4 mins
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Addicted to feet – Frutish 5 – Full 30 mins



Addicted to feet – Frutish 5 – Full 30 mins

Gorgeous brazilian brunette girl dominating a sub with feet and fruits

Demi Devassa  &  Sub Lony

Categories : podolatry / foot fetish / domination / femdom


The title, Frutish, is a mixture of fruits + fetish

That does not mean that the things with fruits will be in the whole video. Demi is a creative, nasty and ( although she has that almost teen / very young girl’s face ) a very experient girl and knows A LOT how to dominate and how to tease her submissive guy, with variations .

 Demi, so gorgeous here ! With an unusual makeup and beautiful as only she can be !

She is so teasing … and can be really bad at the same time.

What a lucky guy, he felt honoured to be with a so gorgeous girl with a so gorgeus face, a pair of so gorgeous and dominant feet, an extremely smooth and very white skin with a beautiful body.

She knows how to tease and command at the same time.

She made her sub eat fruits over her foot, on her soles, inside her toes …

But not everything involved fruits …

She made him gag with her foot, with her ankles, she made him kiss them and, of course, as a good slave, he deserved some foot-slaps too !

Demi made her submissive guy feel so horny that he could not stand so much, he started to jerk off while she teased him A LOT using her feet, her voice, her body, the exact words, the exact and perfect way of domination …

The way she talked to him, the way she looked to him with so teasing and dominant eyes prove that she can really be a truly dominant girl !



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