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Golden nectar 6 – Part 5
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Golden nectar 6 – Full – 12 mins



GOLDEN NECTAR 6 – Full – 12 mins

Veronica Liz and Sub Zero

Category :  golden shower /hard pissing /  fetish, domination / pussy smelling


This so exotique and beautiful brazilian girl Veronica Liz proved that she can be very teasing and dominate with her own style and her very seductive voice … with her baldhead style, almost skinhead, a pair of gorgeous and delicious long legs, a tasty and smelly pussy with a suggestive tattoo right above it …

Sub Zero watched the scene “ Kiss my feet and I’ll tell you if you deserve my kisses “ with Sub Lony and Veronica Liz. He got crazy by this exotique brazilian tall brunette.

He begged to Director Sub Lony to feel her nectar. Then Sub Lony brought her to a golden shower. As a present .

On that day, Sub Lony said “ Thx, man ! You saved me ! “ . That is because he needed to shot one video that day and the gir that had been hired didn’t appear … then he was lucky as he found Sub Zero available ( he is so nasty that he is almost ALWAYS available for his owners … he loves to be owned … as Sub Lony … as many of you who are reading it now … ).

Sub Lonny made a call to him and said “ That different girl that you loved and that you told me that you’d die to have a golden shower scene with her, remember ? She is right here with me right now. Are you available ? “

Sub Zero arrived in few minuts … ( lol )

Veronica was very teasing and Sub Zero felt really crazy, sometimes begging loud for  more of her nectar and he begged a lot to feel the smell of her pussy too.

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