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Lucky Bitch 2 – Part 2 – 6 mins



Lucky bitch 2 : dominated by 7 Top Goddesses Girls  – Part 2 – 6 mins

Girls : Debora Blu, Jennifer Avila, Manuela Albertini, Mila Nadi, Morena Rosa, Victoria Dias, Yasmin Briza

Subtitles in english : NO ( subtitles available only in the Teaser )

About substitles in english : it will be always indicated in the description of each video if there are subtitles in english or not. In many Lony Fetiches scenes you will be able to see subtitles in english but in many other ones there won’t be subtitles.



Lucky bitch 2 : dominated by 7 Top Goddessess Girls


What a Lucky bitch ! After Part 1, where he was dominated by 10 top Brazilian goddesses ( mixing girls and tgirls ) now he got completely dominated by 7 extremely nasty and unique brazilian girls !

Check the list above to see how to see how varied was this “ team “ !

This nasty guy, always wearing a mask ( he is married and his wife is extremely jealous and possessive and would never allow him to be such a nasty pervert bitch … ) was already abused and dominated in different situations .

Imagine how lucky is a guy who received some of these gorgeous feet on his face … some feet slaps … a nasty spit inside his mouth from one of the gorgeous girls who were there … imagine how lucky is a guy who was facesitted by these gorgeous, varied ( in terms of physical aspects ), nasty and experienced girls !

And, as if it’s not enough, how lucky can he be considered after suffering also some “ trampling “ from them all ( sometimes really hard tramplings ! ) ?

Everything happened and the girls took turns, sometimes even doing again what was already done.

Lucky, he is REALLY lucky.

And, at the end, as he was a good and obedient boy ( specially on the trampling moments ! ) he deserved a hard and very nasty collective golden shower, where all girls pissed all over him …

Each one at its own time. And some of them gave a strong shower to him,  all over his face and inside his mouth ! Some of them even said to him “ Swallow it !!! Swallow it, bitch ! “

What can be said about the girls ? They are experienced and very nasty.

And what about the colorful team that they formed ?

Debora Blu, an ebony girl with a strong, natural and perfect body ( what an ass ! ), Jennifer Avila, a typical brazilian girl, extremely hard and sexy when dominating … she was very inspired here … Manuela Albertini, this red head girl, very dominant too, with an amazing and extremely beautiful face, extremely sexy and with a so unique body … Mila Nadi, another typical brazilian brunette with some traces of a black girl mixed with something that can be only defined by the word “ exotique “ ( typical Brazilian girl ) …  Morena Rosa, well … this tall and very beautiful brunette, also with an unique face, who also dominates in a hard way and has a so gorgeous face, a so long and beautiful black and extremely straight hair … then Victoria Dias, a very strong girl with a huge and amazing butt and body and Yasmin Briza, this beautiful blonde girl with a very long, straight and natural hair and an unique body, more known by her “ submissive girl “ aspect, but she proves here that she can be very bad and dominant !

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