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gothic shemale They are dark ... but their gifts are golden

They are dark – Whole scene



They are dark … but their gifts are golden

2 girls & 1 tgirl listening music, drinking & pissing

Lohanny Brandao, May Rodrigues & Barbara Costa

Categories : Golden shower / Fetish /  Exhibition / Gothic Goddessess / Trans and women / Collective pissing / Gothic Dark 80’s music



They are dark … but their gifts are golden


Tgirl : Lohanny Brandao

Girls : May Rodrigues and Barbara Costa




Different images with a special and different mood. Nasty, yes, but with a lot of art and sensualization.

Sprinkled with lots of wine, this scene, with a soundtrack full of many 80’s dark / gothic songs, rock and roll and one metal track, all in a darker mood.

During the Halloween, these 2 girls ( May Rodrigues and Barbara Costa ) and one tgirl ( in a video with a strong dark / gothic visual and musical aspect ) decided to be together in a room, dressed as Gotch girls, where they are featured sensing, playing alone or between them, feeling the Music and getting carried away by the whole mood while they drink some wine, smoke a little bit .

Until they end up giving to the most patient spectators a beautiful surprise .

In the bowls … and in the glasses …

After a long period where they simply stayed there.

If you love to simply watch and admire this different combination of girls, so varied between them ( a strong brunette – May / a skinny blonde with a very long hair girl – Barbara – and a blonde tgirl with a perfect round ass, Lohanny ) and if you’re patient enough to do that, this video is for you !

You’re gonna feel as if you are there with them.

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