You have a fantasy, a differrent desire, a fetish ? And you want that Lohanny realize it in a vídeo ? Or maybe you want a vídeo with her, in an exhibition, a solo performance or a performance in a duo, trio ?


Send us a very clear and detailed description of your fantasy / fetish / desire to one of the e-mails below and, if possible, we will make a vídeo about it.


Please write in the title of the email : ‘’ Videos on demand – Lohanny Brandao website ‘’


After a while you will receive the answer. We will analize the details and send the value for that.


BEFORE sending us the email : we love fetishes and its many variations but we are against real violence, people under 18 involved in sexual footages, we are against drug abuse or animals in vídeos, blood and anything that we may consider too bizarre and/or too extreme. We won´t film also penetration scenes where the actors / actresses do not use condoms and probably other restrictions.


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